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Wall Street brokerage firms spend billions yearly on research, seeking to divine the future of stock prices from the insights and observations of highly paid analysts who closely monitor the progress of American corporations, both large and small. However, in light of recent market scandals, how can you be sure whose research you can really trust? Learn from one of the best portfolio managers, Mitch Zacks as he reveals exactly which subtle analytical factors actually provide the most accurate prediction of future stock-price performance.


Research. Information. Analysis.

It’s absolutely essential for successful stock selection. You need to know what stocks to consider. How to buy before the rest of the crowd “discovers” them. And – how to avoid stocks poised for a fall. Historically, investors rely on Wall St. research reports for this information. But recent scandals have hurt investors — and left them wondering whose research they can really trust.

Now — there’s an answer. Bestselling author Mitch Zacks’ fast-paced presentation will show you how to interpret analysis from ‘The Street.” – so you can zone in on the most promising prospects, avoid the losers, and read the markets with increased accuracy day after day, trade after trade.

There’s lots of priceless information packed into analyst research reports – if you know what to look for. Mitch’s powerful investment strategy helps you divine the future of stock prices by knowing what to look for – and how to immediately act on this information. You’ll learn …

  • How to identify the best-performing stocks
  • Ways to profit from changes in future earnings estimates
  • Specific aspects of reports that can predict the rise & fall of stock prices
  • The importance of evaluating the work of multiple analysts – and how to easily accomplish this
  • The danger in relying on long-term earning estimates – and where to shift your focus
  • And why you should ignore the actual analyst recommendations and – instead – consider other factors that trigger price movement

Plus, you’ll discover …

  • The 2 primary determinants of future stock prices
  • 4 key factors that impact stock prices based on the analyst’s actions
  • And the many games companies play with their earnings reports

Now – you can play this game to win – using the clear-cut strategies for predicting analyst’s behavior outlined in this insightful workshop.

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