Getting Started With Forex On Fire™ Is Easy: Just 3 Simple Steps and You’re On Your Way!

You’ll want to get started immediately.   We’ve put together a quick and easy process to help you get the most from your 3-DVD trading system, so you can start using it instantly…

Step 1: Once You Receive Your DVDs, study the tips and how-to techniques.Step 2: Develop a ‘Quick-Start’ Trading Plan: an important part of trading successfully is developing a consistent step by step plan that tells you exactly how to trade, which signals to use, and how to manage risk. Plus, how to capitalize on the best patterns the instant you see them.

Step 3: Test Your Trading Patterns: as you test out various patterns, your goal should be to start discovering which signals produce the most consistent trade entries and exits for your individual trading style.

You’ll learn the process we use to develop entry and exit signals, how to avoid false breakouts, and much more – all included to help you follow up and actually use what you’ve learned in the 3-DVD complete trading system.

This is carefully designed to help you get better entries with your trades…

Here’s yet another taste of what you’ll be feasting on in this sumptuous, immensely practical step-by-step trading system for active traders:

How to quickly spot early reversals and pivots — you’ll put the stunning power of intraday oscillator signals with momentum 1-hour and 1-day plays for precision entries and exits to work for you, like professionals do!
Where to find the strongest currency pair patterns (in 20 minutes or LESS!) that you can enter for some of the potentially best trades ever (once you learn this scanning technique, you’ll never go back to your old trading style again)!
How to quickly scan through dozens of charts to pick out the very strongest day and swing trading patterns…(these simple-to-use strategies can immediately save you hours of time each week and help you save your trading capital for the juiciest trade patterns in the market – killer stuff!)
Step by step strategies you can use to potentially make HUGE,lasting improvements to your trading skills in as little as 72 hours (it can be easier, once you learn the specific signals and patterns…)
Secrets to selectively trading the widest-range currency pairs that other traders fail to spot in time (or even worse, trade in the wrong direction!) …and how to confirm entries using easy-to-spot signals (signals that many traders completely miss out on…giving you the advantage!)

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