Larry Connors – The Connors Windows Strategy
Here is a new, short-term trading pattern…one of the most reliable ever discovered for identifying sharp moves lasting from 1 to 5 days.

This never-before-publicized pattern is called the TradingWindows strategy. In this book, you will learn the logic behind the pattern that enables you to successfully trade fast, short-term moves with a high percentage of winning trades.

In this manual, you will learn:

How to identify the “hidden axis” around which all price action of any stock or stock index revolves. Each day, there is a center price level which all markets tend to strongly cling to. You will be able to identify 5 precisely defined situations in which price action moves too far away from this center and suddenly reverses…and then be able to enter a trade in front of a powerful “snap-back” to that center price level.

How to maximize gains while minimizing risk using TradingWindows. The powerful characteristic of TradingWindows that you will benefit from is the pattern’s consistency and reliability. Many people, using bands and oscillators, have tried to capitalize from the “price reverting to the mean” principle, with some success. But you will experience how TradingWindows capitalize off “price reversion” far better and far more reliably and simply than these other methods.

How to comfortably fit TradingWindows into your own trading style. No matter how aggressive or risk-averse a trader you are, there is a TradingWindows pattern or combination of patterns that will suit you. You can choose from GapWindows, DoubleWindows, AggressiveWindows, HangingWindows, and SingleWindows. This book will fully describe each of these patterns and how they can be traded using either daily or weekly bars, and the type of traders they are most ideally suited for.

How to trade a wide range of individual stocks, stock indices, and ETFs using TradingWindows. One of the best advantages you will have is that TradingWindows are very common and easy to identify. Because your universe of possible trading markets is far larger than momentum-based or breakout strategies, you do not have to spend hours each evening researching the right stocks to trade.

Would you like to trade a short-term pattern that works reliably for all markets and which is easy to recognize? If so, order “The TradingWindows Strategy” today!

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