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Van Tharp, D.R.Barton, - Safe for Freedom

From the Back Cover Get smart about your money and retire in five years or sooner!

Most people are only a few thousand dollars a month away from financial freedom. freedom is not about millions of dollars in the bank–it’s simply about generating investment income that exceeds your cost of living. Once you’re there, you’re financially free!

Safe for Freedom shows you how to get there, from how to invest wisely and protect what you earn to proven techniques for developing sources of regular income to cover your expenses and achieve financial independence. Inside, you’ll discover:

The fastest and easiest way to get out of debt without pinching pennies simply models that tell you how and when to invest in stocks, bonds, gold, and real estate a Tharp’s legendary risk-control techniques–How the world’s most profitable investors reduce their risk and leave their wealth-generating potential unlimited People to achieve financial freedom every day–now it’s your turn. Safe for Freedom shares the secrets of how you can achieve financial freedom by determining your “financial freedom number,” making the right investment moves, and accepting nothing less than absolute success. From its risk-controlling investment strategies to its “Why didn’t I think of that?” money-management techniques, you’ll learn a financial program designed to make you the master of your money, instead of its slave.

“Financial freedom is within your grasp. In this book, you will learn a simple strategy that will free you forever. Once you start, you’ll watch yourself moving closer and closer to financial freedom every month.”

From the Preface

Wealthy folks don’t achieve financial freedom by working for money. Instead, they have learned the simple rules for making money work for them! Safe for Freedom provides the details of innovative yet achievable investment strategies that you can use to build and protect assets your assets in all investment climates. You can then use those assets as sources of regular income that will cover your monthly expenses and provide you with a lifetime of true financial freedom.

Written by world-renowned financial advisors Van K. Tharp, D.R. Barton, and Steve Sjuggerud, who have used these techniques to free themselves and thousands of others from jobs that barely cover expenses, this book describes:

Your Personal Freedom Number–How to build a passive monthly income that frees you from the workplace-specific strategies for transforming your assets from money pits to money producersStock market strategies that produce profits in all market environments, even major bear markets. The Max Yield Strategy–A once-a-year system for safe, double-digit profits three proven real estate strategies for generating instant equity, long-term income, or both Is your current plan is to spend your life working 50 or more hours a week and then saving your nickels until you retire to a modest, fixed income? You’re not alone. But it might surprise you to discover just how many people are now actively taking the steps to achieve financial freedom that is contained in this book.

Safe for Freedom provides you with a safe, specific program for freeing yourself from the workplace forever. It shows you how to seize control of your financial life by investing in those assets that will provide you with steady income until the day when your investment income has surpassed your monthly expenses–and you are, once and for all, financially free.

About the Author 

Van K. Tharp Ph.D. is president of the International Institute of Mastery (IITM). A globally recognized coach for traders and investors, he is the bestselling author of Trade Your Way to Freedom and publisher of the successful monthly newsletter Market Mastery and the free weekly email, Tharp’s Weekly Thoughts.

D.R. Barton, Jr., P.E., MBA, is a chief operating officer and risk manager for the Directional Research and hedge fund group and a lead instructor with IITM. He is the editor of the newsletter Ten Minute Trader and is a sought-after speaker and developer of seminars for traders and investors.

Steve Sjuggerud Ph.D., is president of University, an educational program with more than 250,000 students, and editor of the investment newsletter True Wealth with over 40,000 subscribers. He is a former portfolio manager, hedge fund manager, and equity research director.

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