Habitudes of Highly Successful Traders

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Twelve Habitudes of Highly Successful Traders uncovers all the habits unsuccessful traders refuse to accept.

“Have you ever found yourself fully intending to do one thing and ending up doing quite the opposite? Or promising yourself you won’t do something and going ahead and doing it anyway? Or wanting to do something but finding yourself not doing it? These are sins of omission and commission and mixed behavior.”

Ruth Barrons Roosevelt, a futures trader and international psychological trading coach, shows traders how to recognize emotions, resolve conflicts and how to make good habits a second nature.

Are you the reason for your inability to be a prosperous trader? You may see an opportunity, have the courage to invest, and yet end up sabotaging the trade before fruition. She guides you into acknowledging your strengths and weaknesses and gives practical successful resolutions.

Ruth’s first book on trading psychology, Exceptional Trading, is a well acknowledged success and this book should equal or exceed your expectations. The reader will want to review the book each year to assess his current tradinghabitudes’ and make adjustments under her competent tutelage.

You get an extra bonus when you purchase this title or her first book. As you recognize your shortcomings and bad ‘habitudes’ in trading, you’ll find you can apply them to your whole life. Along with owners of her first book, you will begin looking for another new title authored by Ruth Barrons Roosevelt.

About the Author

Ruth Barrons Roosevelt coaches traders around the world to trading excellence. She is exceptionally well qualified to offer such guidance to traders, as she has extensive trading experience and is to this day an active trader. Her experience covers multiple time frames, from position trading in virtually every futures market, to active and intense intraday trading in currencies, T-bonds, and S&P futures. She has traded S&P’s intensively and actively since inception of trading in 1984, down to and including 1 minute bars. Her trading experience also includes active trading of mutual funds.

She is a former Vice President of Prudential Securities and of Thomson McKinnon. From 1981 to 1986 she headed the International Moneyline trading desk at Rudolf Wolf (New York). Before that she was a stock and futures broker at Drexel Burnham Lambert where she broke records by opening 250 accounts in one month. A graduate of the University of Michigan Law School, she is a member of the New York and California Bar Association. A frequent contributor to “Technical Analysis of Stocks and Commodities,” she writes articles on the psychology of successful trading. She is the author of “Exceptional Trading” and co-author of “Living in Step” (McGraw-Hill, 1976). As founder and director of the Wall Street Hypnosis Center, she works with Wall Street professionals to achieve their optimal effectiveness.

Ruth has appeared on numerous national and international television programs including: CBS, NBC, CNN, and WWOR Evening News, CNBC, NBC The Today Show, Good Morning America, Japan Public Television, Nippon Television, Hungarian Public Television, Finland Television Channel 3, and the David Letterman Late Night Show. She has been profiled for her work with traders in Business Week, Barron’s, The New York Times, New York Magazine, The Independent of London, the Toronto Star, and many other publications.

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