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Nigel Gibson - Finance Developed from the long-running, successful pocket series, this new Economist essential A-Z series is launched in Spring 2003 in a strikingly attractive paper back format, with flaps and distinctive red end papers. Following an introduction on the dramatic changes that have taken place in the financial world and the immense influence the financial markets have over our lives, the bulk of the book contains an extensive A-Z containing several hundred entries that explain with clarity and a healthy dose of irreverence the most important and interesting - things you need to know about the world of finance - as well as some of its more odd and inconsequential aspects. Entries include:Acceptance, Advance ratio, Allfinanz, Beta, Balloon, Blend fund, Bunny bond, Capital adequacy, Clean price, Compensating balance, Debt service ratio, Disintermediation, EBITDA, Efficient market theory, Fannie Mae, Flight capital, Gearing, Grey market, Hedge Fund, Hurdle rate, In the money Junk Kaffir, Kerb trading, Leverage, LIBOR, Liquidity, Margin call, Mezzanine finance, Narrow market, Net present value, Off balance sheet, Old lady, Open end fund, Over the counter, Parity paid, Ponzi scheme, Programme trading, Random walk, Redemption yield, Samurai bond, SEAQ, Shadow accounting, Special purpose vehicle, Tender offer, Tombstone, Triple witching hour, Underweight, Use of funds, Value investing, Volatility, Warehousing, Working capital, Yield to maturity, Zero-coupon bond. Also included as appendices are * A raft of facts and figures about the financial markets.

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