BALANCE MAGIC  Before discovering REVERSAL MAGIC and like so many before me, I made a concentrated effort to be able to predict where price would go. I tried Gann, Elliott and much more, even paying nearly $3,000.00 for a course on a pattern called the Wolfe Wave. While I derived some valuable information from each, in the real scheme of things they all led to disappointments.

It was then that I went back to searching through chart after chart to find the answer for myself. What I found turned out to be something unexpected, that time could actually be determined and that knowing this gave an awesome power for trading.

Trading since then has taken a huge turn for the better and I knew that REVERSAL MAGIC was a unique advance trading tool that was more than most traders could hope for in a lifetime. Even so, when I started to teach others about REVERSAL MAGIC, some still wanted a method that they could combine with it that would give a target signal for where the price would go.

So again, I went back to the charts, but this time I had the advantage of knowing how time would develop. This enabled me to see something much more clearly in the charts than I had noticed before. Like a puzzle where I had put enough pieces together to be able to know what the picture was, the key points of the markets started to come together and the subtle things that never stood out before I began to see with a whole new perspective. Like most things in life, the subtle things ended up being the most important in understanding the "puzzle" of the charts.

You see, BALANCE MAGIC is something that if you have been looking at charts for any length of time you would have had to at least subconsciously noticed, even if you could never quite put your finger on it. Perhaps this statement is giving greater credit to traders than I should, but there are many things in life I believe that we naturally see and understand. The problem is that we fool ourselves into believing that what we think we see can't be real because it is just too simple and makes too much sense and yet no one else seems to see it.

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