– The Report (STR)

How much can you afford to continue losing, remain breakeven or be stressed that the small profits you have were due to luck especially in today’s tough global economies? Lets put it this way, the cost of having access to our trade methods is a lot cheaper than your losses or breakeven trading and our strategies are tax deductible even if you have another job.

We give you more than just profitable trade methods. We post our own trades in a real-time chat room for you to learn and instill the concepts via your questions about any concept from the trade methods. In addition, you can learn from the educational messages posted by other clients at the discussion forum. Also, we have a private member only forum, questions & answers sessions, method updates to exploit current market conditions, sharing of how we use our own methods within our trading plan that’s not discussed in the method itself along with being available for real-time chat during trading to answer questions by clients.

Report Table of Contents

The Report (STR) contains rule-based objective price action only (no indicators) trade strategies from entry to exit designed to exploit swing points, higher highs/lows along with providing position size management based upon the price action itself to better manage your risk exposure via developing a stronger understanding of the price action that you currently trade so that you can easily adapt in markets that’s always changing.

In addition, these strategies are exploiting supply/demand as it occurs every trading day regardless if you’re scalping, day trading, swing trading or position trading.

Simply, this is an education course that involves advance trading strategies merged with WRB Analysis to help you map out the price action prior to the trade, during the trade and after the trade.

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