L.Edward Johndro – In The Heavens

L.Edward Johndro was one of the great astrologers of the last century. I have found that it is more important to understand his concept of astrology then it is too determine his specific techniques. This outlook can then be applied to astrological work in general. We can learn much about his character and his ideas from the eulogy, from which I shall be quoting, that was begun by his associate, Kenneth W. Brown. During this task, Brown passed away, leaving the completion to Charles Jayne.

Much of my knowledge of his work was through my 12-year association with Charles A. Jayne, Jr. Many of his concepts were based upon Johndro’s ideas. Brown once said:

“This discovery, made by Jayne, was only possible because of Johndro’s work.”

The Man

Johndro was born on January 31, 1882 on the same day as President Roosevelt. He commenced his study of astrology in July of 1903, the same month during which his future partner W. Kenneth Brown was born. He then moved to the west coast where he resided until his death in November of 1951, his wife dying within one-half hour of him. (It was the same month and year of the death of Elbert Benjamine, founder of the Church of Light.)

Johndro was a mathematician, physicist, and radio engineer. Indeed, he taught the first two subjects professionally. This honed his scientific approach to astrology. He was an original thinker who discovered new concepts that tradition-bound astrologers were unwilling to accept. If his new discoveries did not stand up under rigorous testing, he abandoned the idea. It may surprise some readers that Johndro eventually abandoned his mundane idea of the moving baseline method of correlating the earth with the heavens. In a letter to Jayne prior to his death, he dropped the baseline idea in favor of the more traditional and simple relocated horoscope.

He published two books in 1929: in the Heavens and The Stars: How and Where They Influence. He then authored two bulletins in the early 1930s: A New Conception of Sign Rulership and Astrological Dictionary. Somewhere in between he issued a pamphlet about WW1, which was a study in locational astrology.

He met Ken Brown in 1935 beginning a 15-year partnership that began in the next year. They advised businessmen with Brown the contact man and Johndro the rectifier of charts and the calculator. In this entire time, the two never met face-to-face. Jayne told me that the pair did all of the stock market work for W.D. Gann. This might explain why Gann’s planetary work was sophisticated. Brown wrote that Johndro had developed a successful system for forecasting commodities based upon eclipses.

The Precision Astrologer

Both Johndro and Jayne had the same view of predictive work. They both believed that there was a very precise planetary configuration that described every event. I think that both would agree that it was possible to predict minor events on a day-day basis. They were opposed to the thought that an event was caused by last week’s Saturn hit or next week’s Uranus transit. They disapproved of this thought that the former’s influence lagged while the latter’s led. Both were masters of rectification. Jayne said that if one could successfully rectify 50 charts, one would become an excellent astrologer.

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