Your Life, Science for a New Age Whether you realize it or not, you are being strongly influenced by a very powerful electrical force – the earth’s electric field.

This field produces currents through your body that are 250,000 times as strong as the currents that run your brain.

Recognition of this fact, research, and experimentation have led former Bell Labs engineer and scientist Al Larson to a series of insights into many previously unexplained phenomena.

His findings cover a wide range of topics, such as dowsing, the human aura, consciousness, bio-circuits, Feng Shui, natal astrology, stock markets, remote viewing, energy field medicine, de ja vu, dreams, and religious experiences.

His own discovery of sudden impulses shows how we are all connected by the field in a Cosmic Internet.

Al provides a rational explanation of how these phenomena work through the earth’s electric field, along with guidance of how this knowledge can be used to improve your own life.

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