Freeman Publications – The 8-Step Beginner’s Guide to Value Investing
Despite what the mainstream financial media wants to tell you. is not an impossible game only the pros can master…

In fact, Peter Lynch, named America’s Most Successful Money Manager says that by using a reliable and repeatable investing process, ordinary investors can beat the pros.

But here are 3 big mistakes inexperienced investors make…

Mistake #1: Relying solely on social media and TV stock tipsters for their information

Mistake #2: Rushing into “hot sectors” based on fear of missing out, and buying poor companies at overvalued prices

Mistake #3: Panic selling for a loss the first time their stock goes down and missing out on gains when it rebounds to new highs

Now here’s the good news.

By using our Rational Process Investing methodology, individual investors can make consistent long-term profits in the market.

Founded on timeless principles used by legendary investors like Warren Buffett. You don’t need a degree in finance or statistics. Nor do you need to spend hours each day glued to financial media. Just 2 hours per week is enough.

Which means you can get a head start by following the simple, practical advice laid out in this book. Even if you’ve never bought stocks before.

So if you’re kicking yourself for missing out on big gains. We’ll show you how to find the next Facebook, Netflix or Amazon.

Companies which can turn a modest investment of $500 into $30,000 or more.

It’s not always some obscure technology company either. There are amazing opportunities in industries many investors consider “boring”

For example, if you had invested just $99 in Southwest Airlines when they first went public, you’d be sitting on over $82,000 today.

Here’s just a fraction of what you’ll discover inside:

  • The #1 mistake inexperienced investors make. Avoid this error and you will make money - Page 16
  • Forget Netflix, this company is going to be the real winner of the digital streaming boom - Page 111
  • The best dividend stock in the entire 5G sector - Page 101
  • How to manage your emotions when your stocks go down. This is inevitable for long-term investors. So it’s vital you know how to survive - Page 178
  • Coca-Cola or PepsiCo - which is a better investment over the next 20 years? Page 121
  • The “Amazon of the Health Industry”, on track for 100% gains in the next 18 months - Page 132
  • The truth about “buying the dip” Why most investors fail miserably at it, and what to do instead - Page 169
  • Your chance to buy “the next Berkshire Hathaway” for just 0.3% of the price of a single share of Warren Buffett’s company - Page 93
  • This software company has been growing 5x faster than the S&P500 and you can still pick it up for less than $10 - Page 145
  • 95% of investors have been Dollar Cost Averaging wrong this entire time. Find out why on Page 165
  • If we only had $500 to invest in a single company. This is what we’d buy - Page 81

…and much, much more.

You’ll also get our free bonus video course Company Valuation 101.

Speaking of Southwest Airlines. If you had sold when share prices peaked, your $99 would be worth over $152,000. Which is why on Page 183 we show you when to sell your stocks for maximum profits.

This is not a dense 600 page theoretical textbook. It’s written in plain English and free from repetitive technical jargon. You’ll find easy-to-follow advice, plus concrete examples of everything we teach.

So even if you’ve never read a single investing book in your life. You will immediately understand how to become a successful long-term investor.

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