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Walter Peters has a doctorate in Psychology and he is a full time forex trader.

Before he began trading forex he worked as a jury consultant, a clown and a smoothie chef. He trades for the DTS Fund and he works with traders through the website
Walter is a technical trader and takes a unique, “naked” approach to forex trading.
Nearly all of the trading systems Walter uses and teaches are systems without technical indicators.

Walter believes an understanding of cognitive psychology in general, and in particular cognitive biases, is useful for the forex trader.

In 2011, he released a DVD with FXStreet called “Naked Forex: Indicator-Free Systems by Walter Peters”. Forex tradingtrading without indicators – is an often misunderstood trading strategy because it goes against the natural inclination that most traders have.
During these sessions we will look at the tools that the Trader uses and you’ll learn how the naked trader can decide on market direction without any technical indicators on the chart.
You’ll also be shown you how you can get proficient at naked trading, and why naked trading will accelerate your development of “trader intuition.”

We will analyze and forecast the market using this approach.

Once you go naked, you may never go back. This 2-DVD set is ideal for the trader who is tired of switching indicators and trading systems.
You will learn how “naked trading” – trading without technical indicators, will help you to avoid the common problems that plague many traders. You will learn how to identify high probability trading opportunities on your charts.
Finally, and most importantly, you will learn how to build confidence with these trading systems before you risk any money.
In addition to the trading systems, you will learn how to change your thinking so that consistent trading success can come more easily for you. All of these techniques are extremely simple, exceptionally powerful, and you can start using them today!

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