Theforextruth - EWB Complete System

"The EWB Complete Trading System"

(Designed for the 4X & US Market Indices)

In October of 2007 after over 2 years of tiring analysis, testing and many failed attempts I finally succeeded and released my CTS 4X

system. It was a smash hit and is still going strong to this day. My life had changed forever.

First of all, let me say that I am not a financial professional, a money manager and I do not have a degree in economics. I am is a regular

guy, with a day job as a paramedic and am married with 2 sons. I studied and learned how to trade Forex (and Futures as well). I am

living proof that it is possible for an everyday regular person to be successful in the markets without spending their life savings trying to

learn it.

I wrote "The Forex Truth" package to educate people about the 4X markets and warn them about the "gurus" and other so called

"professionals" that try their best to take advantage of the uneducated but curious masses of people wanting to learn to trade. Now I've

put all my efforts into teaching those same people how I trade both the 4X & futures markets and what I've done differently from

everyone else.

I decided to create a trading package that was different from all the rest I had seen. Most of the things I purchased were instant

downloadable ebooks that weren't worth the time it took to read them. Most of them dedicated 1/2 to 3/4 of the pages of the ebook

detailing what the 4X was, how it worked and hyped up the "unlimited profit potential" that awaited them once they purchased their book.

No real "how to" information was in them at all. made me sick.

So in the interest of shouting the truth from the hilltops for everyone to hear I put all my efforts into designing my own trading system

and then creating videos and documents detailing how I actually used it on a daily basis.

In both packages I inform you, in great detail, how I trade. I also have videos of live trades that I have taken to show you that this is not

some hyped up overpriced ebook that promises you unlimited potential. It is the real deal from a real trader.

I learned long ago that trying to learn a system from an eBook is not only extremely difficult but impossible for me to learn it without live

examples. Also trying to learn in hind sight is deceiving as well. What I wanted to do is show you all, in real time, how my systems work

and what they can do.

What you will receive from both of my systems are...

Thorough video explanations of all the aspects of trading the 4X & futures markets.

A complete guide and walk through of how I trade.

Instructions on how to use my systems on any charting platform you desire. (For the indices I recommend using Sierra Chart)

What you should not expect from my system...

A "Holy Grail" system that allows you to push "Buy" or "Sell" and walk away. NO MARKET WORKS LIKE THAT!

To get rich over night. THIS IS NOT POSSIBLE!

To win every trade. THIS IS NOT POSSIBLE!

To be able to use my system right out of the box and make money without studying and testing it yourself. NO SYSTEM WORKS


To understand everything I've given you in 5 minutes. (If you can do this then call me because I could use a partner with that


You know, the real reason most people get into day trading is they what to live the dream of working from home and becoming rich with

little effort. The reason they do not succeed is because they have this "get rich quick" mentality and fail to realize that to be successful in

this business takes a LOT of studying and practice.

What is day trading anyway? Is it a...



Skill?'s none of those. Most fail to realize it is a...


How long does a lawyer or doctor have to go to school for? How about a physicist or a chemist? It took me 1 1/2  years to become a

paramedic and my job is not easy. So why would anyone think that day trading for a living should be easy?


It is up to you and you alone to make yourself successful. I believe my trading systems will help you and give you a rock solid foundation

to learn from. But in the will do this for yourself. All I've provided you is the working vehicle I use to achieve my goals.

Day trading is difficult and with proper study and dedication you can be successful.

I have studied more than anyone else I have come into contact with and I have put my heart and soul into these systems for myself, my

family and for all of those who have been ripped off in the past and who are not making a profit yet.

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