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The Quant Edge Curriculum

Study at your own pace in the member portal. The digitally mastered video series gives you the tools to master the Quant Edge.

MODULE #1: Actionable Signals

How to quantify (determine) specific technical conditions that we expect significant price action to occur. (Where buyers or sellers MUST take action) The battle between supply and demand must be resolved as price discovery unfolds. Spotting and trading around these levels gives you an unfair advantage.

MODULE #2: Time Frame Continuity

How to identify when institutional money is in sync and making large commitments to new positions. Spotting when big money is building a position or unloading shares is the key to mastering the Quant Edge. Once you spot an "imbalance" between supply and demand, you can confidently execute trades knowing the answer to the KEY QUESTION.

MODULE #3: Broadening Formations

How to overcome the number one cause of failure among "frustrated experienced traders." Understanding the correct profit targets makes the difference between a break-even trader and a happy, profitable, successful trader. Broadening formations are not taught by any other trading coach and are unique to the Quant Edge system.

MODULE #4: Entries, Exits and Risk Management

How to scan, plan and manage trades for maximum profit potential and the low allowable risk. Clear and simple signals for both entry and exit, combined with broadening formations, provides easy trade management.

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