Mytradersstateofmind – DTSM Group by Rande Howell

The You Bring to the Uncertainty of Trading
Determines Your Probability of Success​

How have you gone about training and building your trader psychology?  Full of beginner's confidence, most traders only give lip service to the need to build their trading psychology so that they can direct their methodology from a peak performance state of mind.  Several years down the road,  the success they envisioned when they began trading is still an elusive dream.  Just parking their emotions at the door of their trading room becomes hollow advice.  And, for a while, they stay stuck believing the answer to discipline and impartiality lies in their methodology rather than in addressing the self-limiting beliefs they bring to the arena of trading.

They have learned the mechanics of trading and a proven methodology but have neglected to develop the part of trading that actually engages the risk of uncertainty with their methodology -- their mind.  Until a trader comes to acknowledge that it is they themselves who keeps blowing up the opportunity that trading can deliver for them, they stay stuck in trading purgatory.  This is when a real student of trading realizes that the psychology (beliefs and thinking) that lured him (or her) into trading is not the same psychology that will bring him the success with his methodology that he knows is possible.  The edge he is seeking is in the psychology of self that he brings to his methodology.  This is the opening to an empowering new possibility for trading.

This Developing Trader's State of Mind online course by Rande Howell, trader psychologist, is built for this group of people.

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