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97% of options traders lose money. Professional trader shares his best options trading strategies with you to help you avoid being just another losing trader. By exploiting stock splits and pricing inefficiencies as well as applying his own strategy, the Connors VIX Reversal, Larry delivers 4 powerful options methodologies that move the odds decidedly in your favor. In addition, Larry also provides you with the latest research on the little-known, but powerful indicator, historical volatility. From concept to action, Larry explains to you step-by-step how to best use historical volatility to conquer the futures, stock, and options markets.

Larry Connors has over 30 years in the financial markets industry. His opinions have been featured at the Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, Dow Jones, & many others. For over 15 years, and now Connors Research has provided the highest-quality, data-driven research on trading for individual investors, hedge funds, proprietary trading firms, and bank trading desks around the world.

Larry has been published extensively, with titles like How Markets Really Work, Short Term Strategies That Work, High Probability ETF Trading, and The Connors Research Strategy Series including our latest Guidebook High Probability with Multiple Up & Down Days.

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