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In traveling the shifting terrain of the financial world, one is often met with confusing and even contradictory directions. In the search for a reliable path, there's nothing like a personal guide-one who can show you the most direct route to your goal. In Just One Thing, author offers an incomparable shortcut to prosperity: the personal guidance of an outstanding group of recognized financial experts, each offering the single most useful piece of advice garnered from years of investing.

Never before has such an esteemed assembly of financial gurus offered their most valued insights in such a succinct manner-and in a single volume. In marvelously readable essays of uncommon clarity, each contributor presents the most precious kernel of advice-just one thing-that he would pass on to his own children and his children's children. And now these gems of investment wisdom can be yours.

What is the most important piece of investment advice you can find? Let these twelve investment gurus share with you the "Just One Thing" each of them has learned: * Rob Arnott * Bill Bonner * Ed Easterling * Mark Finn * Dennis Gartman * George Gilder * Andy Kessler * Michael Masterson * * James Montier * Richard Russell * A. Gary Shilling

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