James L.Bickford - Wave Theory

Discover a New Approach to Analyzing Price Fluctuations in the Foreign Exchange Market

Forex Wave Theory provides spot currency speculators and commodity futures traders with an innovative new approach to analyzing price fluctuations in the foreign exchange.

Written by Jim Bickford, a successful veteran online spot currency trader, this expert financial tool explains the four most significant categories within technical analysis_pattern recognition, econometric models, crossover trading systems, and wave theory_and includes critical definitions of technical terms.

Forex Wave Theory examines in detail different length cycles of two through six waves, with special emphasis on their predictive reliability. The book also converts raw security data (OHLC quotes) to swing data through the application of a refined minimum reversal algorithm.

Based on solid mathematical and statistical models, Forex Wave Theory is a highly visual resource that uses over 200 images to explore:

  • Currency Markets_ Spot Currencies; Currency Futures
  • Technical Analysis_ Pattern Recognition; Econometric Models; Crossover Systems; Wave Theory
  • Reversal Charts_Point & Figure Charts; Renko Charts; Swing Charts
  • Brief History of Wave Theory_ Origin of Wave Theory; Gann Angles; Kondratiev Wave; Elliott Wave Theory; Gartley Patterns; Goodman Swing Count System
  • Two-Wave Cycles_Two-Wave Cycle Properties; Enhancing the Forecast
  • Three-Wave Cycles_Basic Three-Wave Cycle Types; Forecasting the Third Wave
  • Four-Wave Cycles_Multi-Wave Cycle Names; Four-Wave Cycle Properties
  • Five-Wave Cycles_Properties; Forecasting the Fifth Wave
  • Six-Wave Cycles_Properties; Forecasting the Sixth Wave; Double-Wave Forecasting
  • Advanced Topics_Data Operations; Swing Operations

This on-target reference also features instructive case studies of the author's unique method, together with a wide range of important supplemental information covering ISO currency pairs, exchange rates, global banking hours, basic three-wave cycles, and related resources.

A vital tool for success in the currency market, Forex Wave Theory gives traders a powerful new method for analyzing fluctuations in the foreign exchange markets_and accurately determining market waves.

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