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Full video lecture series covering many facets of price action, volume, fundamental trading and beyond Hundreds of accompanying slides, organized by topic Reference booklets

Deep content with an array of learning materials and extended support throughout your training process. Overview FXS

A robust, currently 42 lecture series is at the heart of this platform. Each section provides you with a video walkthrough of the topic discussed, as well as accompanying “quick views” and the slides used in the video presentation itself. The material on this site goes beyond theory and stem from many years of price action application in both discretionary and quantitative environments.

Good trading habits are very difficult to obtain without the market knowledge to back them. We therefore place specific emphasis on explaining what most traders simply cannot. A linear approach is used to provide such groundwork and bring much-needed structure to your trading routines. Our goals for you are as follows:

Lay a foundation in terms of market mechanics, which may be quickly verified and applied. Allow for an understanding of basic and advanced premises of supply and demand as well as best practices for identifying a trading environment.

Simplify and more precisely identify entry and exit points that follow positive reward to risk guidelines.

Identify more opportunity through enhanced chart literacy. Be able to understand the current environment and what is next.

Strengthen and bring structure to your macroeconomic knowledge and intermarket analysis in relation to price movements.

Utilize best practices for position sizing and all other risk-related principles. This is tied to an understanding of market movements just as much as it is to basic math.

Expertise In Brief

Price and volume-based analytics that emphasize trading environments and pinpointing price reversals / continuation through a simplified approach that uses natural movements and a series of basic structures present in all markets. When available, volume / order flow used to gauge supply and demand increase and slowdown. Unconventional approach. Material covered is not based on standard price/bar patterns but rather actual application of price action techniques. 15 years of financial industry experience, 13 years trading, both institutionally OTC and on various US-based exchanges. Techniques may be crossed over/into other strategies, such as any exponential divergence, cycles, volume-based, etc. 10 years of foreign exchange experience. This series has a section dedicated to it, primarily in relation to how macroeconomic data / events translate to price movements.

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