Alex – UC Trading (

  • Based on Prop Trading Knowledge
  • Profitable Strategies
  • 40+ Hours of Content
  • Learn Reading The Markets
  • 1:1 Coaching for Best Result


Individualised & Personal for Best Results.

In this mentoring you will learn how to analyse the markets from a holistic point of view – read the big picture and identify relevant levels. You will get familiar with professional tools such as the candle stick chart, volume profile, market profile as well as the use of order flow charts.

All traders are different and so are their trading styles. Also, the markets are changing constantly and, therefore, a trader’s adaptability is crucial. In this mentoring we do not apply a fixed system, instead, we will develop a trading style tailored to your personality.

The workbook represents the fundament in this process and is supplemented by the Discord server. Discord serves as a platform to discuss questions, provide individual support and exchange on the respective topic. It provides various trade examples, market analyses and trade reviews referring to the respective workbook chapter combining theory and practice closely. In addition, webinars are recorded regularly providing further explanation and visualisation of the concepts. Since continuous support is important in the learning process, there is life-time Discord access for you.

In order to provide best possible support there are 2 hours individual coaching included in the mentoring. A constructive exchange right in front of your screens helps you even clarifying the last questions and improves your learning curve significantly.

All required tools are enclosed in the Sierra Chart template collection providing a fully functional platform setup.

Day trading can be one of the most fulfilling jobs providing a high degree of freedom and independency, however, nothing at this level comes for free. That is not only meant with regards to the mentoring tuition fee but especially with regards to the work and commitment you are expected to demonstrate. Keep in mind success only comes to those who work for it. This mentoring is designed to provide best possible guidance in the learning journey but please be also reminded the actual responsibility is always on the learner's side.

Mentoring Workbook

12 Chapters
100+ Exercises
Incl. Answer Book

Life-Time Discord Support

50+ Sample Trades
50+ Sample Analyses
Individual Trading Support
Trade Reviews

Video Content

30+ Webinars
40+ Hours
Concepts Visualised

1:1 Coaching

2 Hours included
Individualised to your Needs
Clarify all remaining Questions

Sierra Chart Templates

Order Book
Market Profile
3x Order Flow Chart
Candle Stick Chart incl. Volume Profile

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